Hi, I am Mary.

I am a paper artist, residing in Tallahassee, Florida.

Origami is my hobby, my purpose, and a way for me to express myself. I grew up in Korea and was immerse myself in working with paper all of my life. I learned that with just paper and scissors, I could create an infinite amount of artwork by playing with the different colors and textures.

I learned the advanced Origami in 1995 and became a certified instructor and a member of the Korean Origami Association. I built an art collection including jewelry, 2-D wall art, and 3-D objects. I experienced with a variety of methods: paper-folding, paper-twirling, paper-cutting, and paper-molding.

Products: Origami, Paper Mache, Paper Quilting, Shadow Box, Paper Sculpture, Paper Jewelry, Hanji Paper Craft. All jewelry are made of origami paper, Japanese washi paper or rice paper. I first fold the paper into the desired shape using the tweezers and a needle. Then, I attach the folded paper to the metal or wooden; some pieces do not have a frame. Most of the metal frames are design by myself. As a final touch, I apply the polymer sealant followed by a glazer to make them firm, glossy, and water-resistant.



All my jewelry is uniquely made.

Since I make them by hand, I cannot make them exactly the same as shown in photos.

For example, each roll in the earrings / necklaces of Kandinsky design (also called Murano Venetian or Sushi) has at least 5 to 6 different colors, and the color combination and the length of each paper strip are random. Similarly, you can imagine paper-quilling dragonfly will have unique combination of colors and inner shape. Because no two pieces are quite identical, it makes your piece your own.